Nebulae Enterprise Cloud

Mobile-first applications and platforms, with an overlay of analytics.

Boost Sales

Virtual Assistants that Boost Sales Throughput

Lead watcher
Track developments among leads in your pipeline
Marketing Connect
Sync your partners and sales team with marketing

News and Updates
Inform channel and sales about company and industry change
Learning Assistant
Push your channels and sales to be at their very best


Engage Employees

Virtual Assistants that Track Employee Engagement

Empower your workforce
With a culture of feedback and communication

Make HR more effective
With comprehensive data and analytics



MobilityDeep integration gives your company greater access and influence over every node in your value network.

AnalyticsInsights from every link in your value chain lets you optimize at scale and have greater clarity on the big picture.

CloudHigh performance scalable systems give you accessibility and availability without compromising on security.


Some of our focus areas
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BFSICustomer Profiling and Analytics

Cross channel behaviour analytics, forecasting and profiling. We help banks, insurance companies, and financial services companies gain valuable insight on their customers, and offer better products and services.

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ITChannel and Partner Management

Collaboration, analytics, and relationship management. We help information technology vendors, managed service providers, network integrators, and value added resellers work more effectively with one another.

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PHARMACEUTICALSStockist Engagement

Supply Chain Visibility and stockist inventory optimization solutions for increased profitability of distribution channels.

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We strive to make work­life better. Smart apps, useful insight, and greater access, that drives a quicker realization of humanity’s grand aspirations. Help us make that happen.
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