Intelligent Apps
for Humans at Work

Nebulae Enterprise Cloud

A constellation of mobile-first applications and platforms, with connectors overlayed by a suite of analytics.

We help you optimize your value chain

Productive Employees

Inspire, align, satisfy, and engage every one of your employees. Survey and Analytics platform to help you craft a better company to work for; with zero HR overhead.

Engaged Partners

Capture mindshare among your partners, and increase the effectiveness of indirect channels. Track and manage your value chain, beyond your organizational boundaries.

Happy Customers

Proactively identify opportunities. Powerful analytics on data about your customers, to help you build and sell the right things, in right way, to the right market.

Tools For Digital Enterprise

Intelligent, well­-designed, thoughtfully built interfaces that make for smarter people doing better business.


Connect every device in your organization and empower every employee and partner.



See and foresee everything about your organization to understand and enhance all parts.

Business, Accelerated.

We see technology as an extension for human potential, like a fine tool in the hands of an expert craftsman.

We build tools that augment organized human effort.

Intelligent systems that work in the background to ensure that we can focus on the task at hand. Software that drives maximum productivity and zero overhead, so that people can do what they do best, and waste less energy on minutae.
Build with us
We strive to make work­life better. Smart apps, useful insight, and greater access, that drives a quicker realization of humanity’s grand aspirations. Help us make that happen.